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      One of a few places in Metro Detroit for truly excellent sushi.  Expect a long wait and call ahead.  The Udon noodles are popular favorites  as much as the sushi.

    thumb Vince I.

      Simply delicious. Can't go wrong with anything here. From the sushi to the salads to the grilled fish cheeks. It's all amazing. If you want a casual dinner for delicious Japanese cuisine this is the place.
    Just note this place is always busy and is it the largest so be prepared to wait for 20 minutes + sometimes. Also not a dinner drinks place. Casual dinner atmosphere.

    thumb John K.

      Another great plate of sushi. Hat's off to the sushi master. I really enjoy coming here.

    thumb Michael S.

      Honestly I can't decide between 3 or 4. Truthfully if I don't happen to be one of those people who finds joy in suffering for good eats, I would hate this place. It's always so crowded and does not take reservations. You literally walk in there, put your name on a waitlist and could stare at it for an hour or even more just to get seated. Then it's another hour or more for the food to arrive, so I'm guessing their chefs don't work that fast either. The service is kinda terrible. They obviously do not know how to manage customer crowds and mess up the waitlist all the time, so be patient.
    Onto the eats. Yes, the food here is good and authentic, but it does not live up to the hype whatsoever. Probably in top 10 of the state, but definitely not life-changing or memorable. The quality of the fish is similar to many other sushi places, it's just that the way they prepare it here is better. Their udon is fine, their nigiri and chirashi are nice but nothing that special. Will I eat them? Of course, it's really good food with great quality and price. Will I wait at least 2 hours for it? Probably not, but I might change my mind when I have a lot of free time and nothing else to do.

    thumb Serina T.

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